Computer class

A Few Tips for Students and Parents

  1. Our computer class does not have homework unless students can't finish classwork in the given time.

  2. I encourage students to practice typing at home. I'll list online typing practice sites or free typing software you can download.

  3. Most of the computers at New Hope have Microsoft Office 2016. If student has to turned in hard copy of homework but they will not be able to print at home, student can use computer lab computer to print with teacher's permission (Not color print) 

  4. We are encouraging teachers and students to use google doc for classwork and homework. All Students have New Hope google account. If you don't know account information, please email to 

  5. All students will be able to have Microsoft office 365 for free this year. Please tune to the announcement. (K-6th grade students need permission to get Microsoft office 365)

  6. New Hope Academy does not have wifi service for students and parents except students who are taking online course at school. We have tablets and laptop connected to school wifi for education purposes that teachers and students can borrow.
Please give me email if you have any New Hope Technology Questions. 
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